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Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants

Chances are you’ve probably heard that dental implants (Dumont) are the best solution for replacing missing teeth. But can anyone get dental implants? Unfortunately, no. Every dental implant candidate has specific criteria to meet.

Thankfully, modern advancements allow more dental implant candidates to pursue this state-of-the-art tooth-replacement option.

Ideal Dental Implant Candidate Requirements

If you’re wondering, “Am I a candidate for dental implants?” our Dumont dentist will need to assess your health and oral anatomy for:

  • Active gum disease
  • Signs of bone loss
  • Adequate bone height
  • Disease in neighboring teeth
  • Medical history, including medications you’re taking
  • Past dental complications or surgeries
  • Age and oral development

Only adults with healthy mouths qualify for dental implants (Dumont.) Young patients whose mouths are still developing will need to wait until they are older before implants can be installed.

Improving Implant Candidacy with New Technology

Thankfully, even if you might not have been a candidate for dental implants in the past, they may be an option now because of advancements made in dental implant treatment.

At Palisades Dental Care, we incorporate cutting-edge resources and high-resolution imaging to enhance the diagnostic and care planning process for our clients. If you’ve been told that dental implants aren’t an option, that may no longer be the case. You owe it to yourself to get a second opinion or to learn about potential alternative treatments.

Step One: Start With a Consultation

No two dental implant treatments are the same. Some individuals do best with a stabilized prosthesis, while others require bone grafting prior to the implant installation. When you partner with an experienced implant team like Palisades Dental Care, we can explore options like modified implant placement, bone grafting, sinus augmentation, or alternative implant restorations.

Your initial consultation and exam are a time to discuss whether you’re a candidate for implants and which types of treatments are possible. Even if you don’t qualify for a specific type of implant therapy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get dental implants in Dumont.

Step Two: Get a Customized Care Plan

After you’ve determined that dental implants are right for you, the next step is to curate a care plan. During this process, we’ll outline the specific types of implant treatment recommended, as well as any adjunctive procedures that are required. From there, our treatment coordinators will work with your insurance carrier (if applicable) to determine coverage amounts. We’ll also discuss payment options, as flexible financing plans are available.

With your detailed care plan, you can see the steps, time, and investment required to make your implant treatment a reality. You may choose to “sleep on it” or review it with someone close to you, or get started right away. This is a personal decision that we want you to feel confident about making.

For example, if you’re replacing all of your teeth, you could weigh the pros and cons of All-on-4 or an implant-supported overdenture. Or discuss whether an implant bridge is better for you than wearing a partial. We’re here to educate you about what’s possible so that you know you’re making the best decision for your personal needs.

Step Three: Start Treatment

If you’re a candidate for dental implants, Palisades Dental Care can begin your restorative care as soon as you’re ready. Our Dumont dentist will be with you along the way, whether you’re replacing one missing tooth or all of them.

Getting dental implants isn’t something to rush through, as they need time to integrate with your bone. Palisades Dental Care will be by your side throughout the entire process.

Dental Implants Dumont

Find out if dental implants are right for you. If you’ve been curious about dental implant treatment or want a second opinion, we can discuss all of your options with you.

Call Palisades Dental Care today to reserve a zero-obligation consultation at our office in Dumont. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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