Emergency Pediatric Dentist In Dumont, NJ

Emergency Dentistry for Kids

Kids are naturally adventurous and rambunctious, which can sometimes translate to a trip to the emergency room. What happens when they have a dental emergency? Where do you go then? If you are in or near Dumont, New Jersey, we welcome you to bring your little one to Palisades Dental Care.

The primary goal of emergency dentistry for kids is to relieve pain caused by trauma, abscess, or toothache. Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Melissa Alter is trained in dealing with pediatric patients for a variety of dental needs including pain management, tooth extraction, dental infections, and tooth repair. When your child has a dental emergency, we will get them in as soon as possible and keep them calm and comfortable during the procedure.

Kid's Dental Emergencies

Yes- baby teeth are very important- not just for a child’s dental health but for later in life as well. The top reasons for taking care of baby teeth include:

Some of the most common kids' dental emergencies include:

Toothache: possibly due to food stuck in teeth and can be resolved at home. In some cases, it could be something more serious such as tooth fracture, decay, trauma, and wisdom tooth eruption
Knocked-out tooth: if the affected tooth is a baby tooth, it will not be saved- but if it is a permanent tooth that has been knocked out, the dentist can try to reimplant it. This is usually successful if it’s done within an hour.
Root fracture: depending on the location of the fracture, there are three ways this can be handled: watched, extracted, or repaired.

What to do in a Dental Emergency for Kids

A dental emergency is a lot like any other type of emergency. As a general rule, you should take the following actions when your child has a dental emergency:

You can use an ice pack/cool compress to control swelling and be sure to keep your child calm and reassure them that the dentist is trained to handle their situation. If a permanent tooth has been damaged or knocked out, the dentist may be able to save it- but if it is a baby tooth that has been affected, it will not be saved.

If it is a permanent tooth, pick it up without touching the root and put it back in your child’s mouth to keep it moist. This will increase the chances of saving it. If your child cannot hold it in their mouth, place it in a cup with a little bit of milk. Even if the tooth looks like it can’t be saved, bring it with you and let the dentist make that decision.

Emergency Pediatric Dental Care in Dumont, NJ

Dr. Alter spent several years training specifically on pediatric dentistry, including dental emergencies. She is equipped to handle your child’s dental needs. If you are in or near Dumont and your child needs emergency services, please contact our office as soon as possible.


Parents often have a lot of questions when it comes to emergency dentistry for kids. Some of the most common questions we hear include:
While it makes sense to take your child to the ER when they are in pain, it’s rarely a good idea to do so with a toothache. Most emergency rooms do not have a dentist on staff, so they are unlikely to be able to do much for your child. The best thing to do is to call the office and get an emergency appointment. We will get you in as soon as possible. In many cases, we can get you in the same day.

First and foremost, it’s important that you stay calm, which will help keep your child calm as well. Then, have your child rinse with warm saltwater and call the office for an emergency appointment. We will get you in to see Dr. Alter as soon as possible so that she can fix your child’s tooth.

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