Pediatric Dental Crowns At Dumont, NJ

Dental Crown: Restore Your Child's Smile

When a tooth is severely decayed or damaged, a filling might not be enough to restore appearance and functionality. This is where a dental crown comes in. A dental crown can protect your child’s tooth, whether it is a baby tooth or a permanent one.

What are Dental Crowns for Kids?

The process of getting dental crowns for children is similar to the process for adults- two visits are required.
During the first visit, the child’s tooth will be prepared, which involves removing decay before cleaning and filling it from the sides and top. Impressions will be taken of the tooth and sent to the lab so the crown can be fabricated to fit your child’s mouth. In most cases, children are sedated since the procedure can be uncomfortable. Since it can take some time for the crown to be returned from the lab, a temporary crown will be placed to protect the affected tooth.
Once the crown is returned to the office, our friendly office staff will schedule an appointment to place the permanent crown. This visit is typically quicker than the first one because all that needs to be done is the temporary crown must be removed and the tooth cleaned before placing the permanent crown.

Why do kids need dental crowns?

There are several reasons Dr. Sockanathan and the team may recommend a pediatric crown for your child. For example, a dental crown can be used to restore a fractured tooth, protect a tooth after a root canal, or cover a tooth that doesn’t have sufficient structure to keep it from breaking further.
We will only recommend a dental crown for pediatric patients when the tooth is so far decayed or damaged that a filling will not help. This is a conservative option to avoid extracting the tooth and having to invest in space maintainers in patients who are young, and the permanent tooth has not erupted.

Types of dental crowns for kids

At Palisades Dental Care, we use four types of pediatric dental crowns:
We will work with you to help you choose the one that will work best for your child.
Child Need a Dental Crown?

Does Your Child Need a Dental Crown?

If you are in or near Dumont, New Jersey, and believe that your child might need a dental crown, schedule an appointment with our dedicated pediatric dentist at Palisades Dental Care today. Dr. Melissa Alter offers modern treatment options to keep your child’s smile in great shape. She strives to keep her patients comfortable and happy.

We are located on East Madison Avenue. Check our website for office hours. We are available on Saturdays by appointment only. We look forward to meeting you and your child and helping them get their smile back.


At Palisades Dental Care, parents of our pediatric patients often have questions about our various treatment options, including dental crowns. Some of the most common questions we hear are:
Yes. Kids can get dental crowns. Many parents believe that crowns on baby teeth are not a necessity because the tooth will ultimately come out anyway. However, a crown will improve your child’s smile and will also reduce their risk of requiring orthodontic treatment as they get older.
Typically, for dental crowns, we sedate our pediatric patients. Your child will not experience any pain during the procedure. Following the procedure, they may feel some minor discomfort, but an OTC pain reliever should help. If the pain reliever does not help or the pain extends past 24 hours after the procedure, contact our office and we’ll address the issue.

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