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What Are Same Day Dental Crowns?

Our dentist in Dumont offers state-of-the-art dental crowns that are fitted and delivered in just one day. But what is the difference between same day crowns and regular crowns (or is there one?)

Same-Day vs. Traditional Crowns

The biggest difference between same day crowns and regular crowns is that traditional treatments require gooey impressions and the models have to be mailed off to a lab. Not only are the impressions uncomfortable, but they’re also messy. Plus, there’s a chance that the models can get fractured in the process, requiring a re-impression and longer time between your prep and crown placement.

Traditional crowns are made in a lab, outside of a dental office. For that reason, it usually takes about two weeks between your crown prep visit and the day your crown is finally ready to bond to your tooth. In the meantime, you’ll have to wear a temporary crown that’s loosely attached to your tooth.

But none of that is the case if you have access to same-day crown treatment. Getting a same-day crown only requires one appointment!

What is a Same Day Dental Crown?

Same day dental crowns in Dumont are fitted, milled, and placed at our office in just one appointment.

How does it work?

First, we numb and prep your tooth the same way we would for a traditional crown.

Next, we use a 3D intraoral scanner to record a digital “impression” of your teeth. There are no bulky trays or messy materials to capture a mold of your teeth. Instead, the handheld wand is traced throughout your mouth to scan the teeth. This device transfers the readings into our computer software.

Then, we process the scan and “create” a digital crown in our software that will fit over the tooth. This data is sent to our in-house milling machine.

Finally, our milling equipment carves a custom fitting dental crown out of a solid block of ceramic. We can select the shade of ceramic, so that your new “cap” matches the teeth next to it. Once the crown is completely milled, we’ll bond it to your tooth.

And that’s it! There’s no back-and-forth or time spent wearing a temporary crown.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Same Day Crowns

The digital accuracy of same-day crowns ensures a perfect fit, every time. Not only is there zero room for human error, but the digital fit also allows for a precisely formed restoration that surpasses that of the human eye. And if you’re someone with a sensitive gag reflex, you’ll appreciate the comfort and ease of having a digital scan taken instead of a conventional impression.

If you’re getting a same-day crown, you also have the option to catch up on other dental work if you need to. That way you can minimize your time in the dental office and get your oral health back on track. Same-day treatments are perfect for busy professionals and parents.

Are there any disadvantages to same-day crowns? Depending on the situation, yes. For example, if you have extremely unique coloring in your tooth enamel, it may not be possible to achieve a perfectly matching crown that will blend in properly for a front tooth. If that’s the case, we’ll have a ceramist come into our office to perform a custom color study and match to make your restoration in the lab. If the tooth is further back in your mouth, this extra step may not be necessary.

Digital dental crowns have come an extremely long way over the past 20 years. Now that CAD/CAM imaging is becoming standard throughout numerous industries, fitting our clients with same-day crowns is more predictable than ever.

Same Day Dental Crowns Near You

Contact our dentist in Dumont to reserve your exam and same-day dental crown consultation. Thanks to our investment in cutting-edge technology, you can access quality restorations and make fewer trips to the dentist’s office. Call Palisades Dental Care now to schedule.

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