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Digital Smile Design in Dumont

Have you ever wondered what your smile could look like with whitening, veneers, Invisalign, or another type of treatment? Thanks to Digital Smile Design in Dumont, you don’t have to wonder anymore. You can see it right there on a screen.

What is Digital Smile Design?

When you visit our dental clinic in Dumont, you have an opportunity to virtually “try on” different types of aesthetic and restorative dental treatments. For instance, maybe you want to see what your teeth would look like if they were whiter, fuller, or straighter. Maybe you have a missing tooth and want to compare a bridge to a dental implant. Thanks to the digital smile design process, you can enjoy a digital “before and after” to compare and contrast various options before committing to one specific treatment.

Benefits of Digital Smile Design

When you’re planning a smile makeover, it can feel intimidating to select a treatment without knowing how it will look in your unique mouth. Digital smile design changes that. When you’re able to visualize the design process, you can communicate more clearly about your needs, concerns, and smile goals. As the transformation is visual in nature, the benefits of digital smile design are priceless. You’ll treatment plan your smile makeover alongside our team, selecting the best type of treatment for your situation.

Your digital smile design is great for sharing the mock-up with friends or loved ones to get their input. Perhaps you want to ask someone’s opinion before taking the next steps with your treatment. A virtual replica of your aesthetic treatment is an excellent tool to use. Comparing your current smile with one or two different digital options helps you feel comfortable and confident about your choice.

By taking the guesswork out of your smile transformation, digital smile design ensures an efficient care process from start to finish.

What’s Involved?

If you’re curious what your smile could look like with cosmetic treatment, all you need to get started is a photograph. We’ll use professional photography equipment in our office and upload your high resolution pictures into the smile design software. From there, we can tweak numerous aspects of specific teeth or your entire smile, changing the way it looks with the click of a button. Easily see what your bite could look like with that one missing tooth replaced, your other teeth whitened, or if you decided to invest in dental veneers. Nearly every restorative and cosmetic treatment can be applied, so it’s possible to visualize and “try on” just about anything.

After you decide on the best treatment for your needs, we can work up a complimentary care plan that outlines the services and steps required. If you’re undergoing a major smile makeover, flexible financing plans are also available!

Thanks to the virtual makeover process, you can easily save the image and “sleep on it” before deciding what to do next. We highly encourage our patients to talk with their friends and family members to get their input.

Do I Qualify?

Anyone can request to get a digital smile design. These virtual makeovers can be as simple or complex as you like. So, whether you only want to adjust one or two teeth or have the desire to change all of them is up to you. Sometimes even the simplest of changes in your teeth wind up being the most dramatic for your appearance.

Even if you have missing, broken, or decayed teeth, a digital smile design opportunity is available. Thanks to quality, attractive restorative materials, our Dumont dentist can enhance your smile’s overall appearance while also restoring its function and health. You don’t need to have perfectly healthy teeth to discover how your new smile could look.

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