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How to get same day dental crowns with digital dentistry

How to get same day dental crowns with digital dentistry

At Palisades Dental Care, we understand that your time is valuable. Today’s patients are busier than ever with work, school, children, and social activities. At most dental practices, patients who are in need of restorations such as dental crowns may find that the process is incredibly time-consuming and requires more than one appointment. With busy schedules, it can be difficult for patients to get into the dental office more than once for necessary treatments. Instead, Dr. Yael Kryzman, our dentist in Dumont, NJ of Palisades Dental Care, is pleased to offer same-day dentistry, including the fabrication and placement of dental crowns, thanks to digital services readily available in the office.

Understanding the purpose of dental crowns

Dental crowns are a common dental restoration used by professionals to help patients protect and strengthen a natural tooth to keep it from experiencing damage. Teeth with extremely large fillings, damage, or those that have had endodontic therapy may benefit from the placement of a dental crown. The crown, sometimes referred to as a “cap,” is created especially for the patient and bonded over a prepared tooth. This acts as an extra layer of protection for a tooth that might otherwise be weak and susceptible to damage. These restorations are created with a material such as porcelain, which mimics the appearance of natural tooth enamel and allows for strength and durability.

Same-day dental crowns in Dumont, NJ at Palisades Dental Care

Dr. Yael Kryzman is pleased to offer patients same-day dental crowns. During a single appointment, teeth are prepared, and restorations are fabricated and bonded in place. This is not always the case at other dental practices, where preparation and placement occur during different visits. With digital imaging and restoration creation, patients will relax while their teeth are prepared, and digital imaging is performed with the iTero Element Scanner in Dumont. Then, these three-dimensional images are sent through specialized software to a milling device right in our office. The dental crown needed by the patient is fabricated while they wait, and the dentist can bond it in place during the same appointment. This significantly speeds the process of restoring the smile while ensuring an accurate and precise final restoration.

What are the benefits of digital dentistry near you in Dumont, NJ for same-day dental crowns?

For other dental practices, preparation and placement require more than one appointment. Instead, our team can provide the dental restoration during the same day as preparation, eliminating the need for a second visit or the placement of a temporary prosthetic. Below are a few of the other benefits of using digital scanners and in-office restorations:

•             Improved accuracy for a better fit

•             Reduced dental laboratory fees

•             Faster turnaround time, typically 20 minutes or less

•             No need for messy goop to obtain dental impressions

•             Single-appointment dentistry

•             Precision fit of the dental crown

•             Elimination of a second dental appointment

•             No need for temporary restoration

During an evaluation with our team at Palisades Dental Care, patients will be examined to determine if they can benefit from the placement of a dental crown and help them achieve it in a faster period of time than other traditional dental facilities of the community. This is just one of several cosmetic dentistry options available to patients in our practice.

Ready to discuss the benefits of same-day restorations?

Contact Palisades Dental Care to connect with Dr. Yael Kryzman and her team in Dumont, NJ about your options for same-day dentistry. Her facility is located at 47 East Madison Avenue and can be reached by calling (201) 568-9811 for an appointment. With the help of her team, patients can get in, get treatment, and get on with their day without extended wait times—making routine dental work faster and easier than ever! Palisades Dental Care is open to new patients and families seeking quality solutions for their smiles.

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